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Armor decals from the UK in 1/76 scale.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
AD25Allied Stars  Preview  
AD26British Tank Marking   
AD28German Crosses  Preview  
AD29Soviet Tank Markings   Preview  
AD38British Arms of Service, set 2  Preview  
AD39British Division Signs  Preview  
AD40German Panzer Division Signs   
AD42German Tactical Signs   
AD43German Tank Numbers   
AD44Soviet Vehicle Slogans    
AD48British Tank Names   
AD58Modern British AFV "Gulf War"   
AD62German Recognition Flags   
AD64Guards Armoured Division   
AD657th Armoured Division Signs   
AD661st SS Pz Div "Lebstandarte"   
AD679th SS Pz "Hohenstaufen"   
AD6812th SS Pz Div "Hitler Jugend"   
AD6921st Pz Division signs   
AD70Vietnam Armoured Truck markings   Preview  
AD71Soviet Guards Division   
AD72British 79th Armoured Division    
AD73Italian Armoured Division Markings   
AD742nd SS Division "Das Reich" markings   
AD75Gross Deutschland Divisional markings   
AD76British 11th Armoured Division Signs  Preview  
AD80Arm of Service Markings British Armoured Divisions N.W. Europe 1944 (part 1)  Preview  
AD81Arm of Service Markings British Armoured Divisions N.W. Europe 1944 (part 2)  Preview  
AD82U.S. Red Cross Markings   
AD83British Red Cross Markings   
AD84German Red Cross Markings   
AD85Japanese Tank Markings   
AD86Wehrmacht Number Plates   
AD87SS Number Plates   

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Decal List last updated 09 October 2009