Frag 5 with GPK turret

Kit #: 7203 Preview by M.Mercier

Some time ago T-Model released their first kit, an up-armoured M1114 vehicle (kit #TM-7201) with which they set a very high standard, right from the start. Here you can find a preview and the build review of this model by Francesco Giovagnorio.
T-Model next started to release a couple of variants of that vehicle, which, from a business point of view, is a very logical step.

This kit contains a model of that vehicle, equipped with the Frag 5 protection kit and the GPK (Gunners protection) kit. One of the drawbacks of the original HMMWVs family are the vertical side doors, which were very vulnerable to roadside bombs. Several upgrades have been implemented since in order to protect the crew from the ever increasing IED charges. This Frag 5 kit sports really thick armoured doors and ballistic glass windows, which gives this variant a badass look. Another drawback of the up-armoured HMMWVs occurs during an accident or attack, when the heavily armoured doors tend to jam shut, trapping the troops inside. As a result, the Frag 5 upgrade came with steel rings on their doors, so that another vehicle can rip the door off, freeing the troops inside.

I'm not entirely happy with the turret choice on a Frag 5 version. In preparation of this previews, I have been looking at a lot of pictures of Frag 5 vehicles in action and noticed only a few vehicles are equipped with the GPK. The Objective Gunner Protection Kit (O-GPK) turret is much more seen on Frag 5 vehicles and would have been a more logical choice.

What's in the box?

To start with, you get every plastic sprue (A, B, C and G) from their first kit. Needles to say, numerous parts are marked "not for use" on the instructions sheet. Since they have been reviewed extensively by Francesco, I will not discuss them here anymore.

The quality of all the new sprues is just as superb as the original ones, sharp detail all over and flash lines are minimal.

Sprue K is a completely new addition. It not only carries the Frag 5 doors, but also a number of (not for use) extra's such as two M240 MG plus swivel mounts and two RPG-7.

The two sprues labelled "E" (which are attached to the "old" sprue C) each contain an antenna for the CREW Duke Counter IED System (jammer in plain English) and a CIP panel (again labelled "not for use").

Be careful with those antenna; the instructions tell you to install both of them at the rear of the model, but I've seen loads of images showing a vehicle carrying only one antenna on the right, loads of images with only one antenna on the left and just a couple where both effectively were installed. So, better check your sources before getting out your glue..

As an extra, T-Model gives you one sprue F containing modern US weapons and boxes. This isn't a new sprue because is already part of the Modern U.S. military equipment set that T-Model also has in its catalogue. See the review here.

The PE set is definitely bigger than in the "old" kit and gives you all the parts needed for the basic M-1114, the Frag 5 with GPK and the weapons sprue.

The only PE "choice" part is the PE grill for the hood (bonnet), which you can use to replace the plastic grill moulded in place. The other PE parts on the sheet are not replacements for plastic ones in the kit, so you have no other option than to use them. That aspect makes this kit not suitable for beginners, because it involves a lot of fiddly work bending fragile PE parts.

One very positive point is the technique chosen for the PE sheet. The parts are not connected to the sprue with the traditional attachment points, they are ready to use and an adhesive sheet holds everything in place. No need to cut them lose and file away those pesky PE leftovers.

When I studied the parts more in detail, I noticed T-Model has corrected two mistakes/problems from the first M1114 kit.

  • In his build review of that vehicle, Francesco mentioned that his model also had AC grills on the passenger's side (Part B11), which is wrong. My model contains the same sprue, but must have been corrected because that AC grill has disappeared!

  • Francesco also warned us about the windshield position and how easily this could go wrong. If not correctly done, this would lead to many problems positioning the hood and roof. And guess what? T-Model has designed the sidewall for the Frag 5 version with an extension that has already the right angle for the windshield.

The instructions booklet is printed in full colour on high quality paper. Drawings are really clear and provide nice views were everything should go.




One drawback of this kit is the lack of decals. Nonetheless, the instructions do propose a generic scheme for a sand coloured vehicle without markings, but no unit/nation or the like is given. This seems quite useless to me...



This is an almost perfect kit for the more experienced modeller, if they just could have included a decal sheet and an O-GPK turret instead of the GPK.

Review sample provided by T-Model

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Article Last Updated: 05 March 2018