Modern U.S. Military Equipment

Kit #: A72001 Preview by F. Giovagnorio
T-Model has put into production a set of modern U.S. military equipment, which was long overdue because there is none in plastic on the market; considering the quantity of equipment that every modern U.S. vehicle carries in battle, without sets like this it would be much harder to increase realism of a finished model.

The CAD design on the box clearly shows the content of the set, which focuses on boxes, thermal containers with water bottles, water canisters, gas cans and weapons (a Browning M2 .50 caliber machine gun, a M240 and a MK 19 40mm automatic grenade launcher) with ammo boxes.

Having had the opportunity to evaluate a test sample, I can not say anything about the box (there was none). In my sample, there was a sand-colored sprue with most of the parts, another sprue of transparent parts with bottles and water containers (which moved me a bit, because it is so well designed and rich of fine details that I could not help thinking about how much road 1/72nd scale has done, and I with it), plus a PE set with the locking mechanisms for the containers. The final production kit should have 2 copies of the main sprue and 1 copy of the clear one and of the PE set.




Instructions are very simple and clear, leaving no question open about where to place each piece.




T-Model closes an important gap with this set, giving every modeller interested in modern wars a set which helps in making his models closer to the real ones, as no model of U.S. modern vehicles is credible without lots of extra stowage; there are indeed many sets in resin, but only the combination of clear plastic and PE parts can reproduce the look of containers full of mineral water which we are used to see on vehicles fighting in a desertic environment. I really hope this is just a pilot set and that other sets like this will follow from T-Model.

Review sample provided by T-Model

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Article Last Updated: 05 July 2017