sWS mit Flak-Aufbau als Sfl.

Kit # 7211 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

I've already built the non-armored sWS from MACO (kit 7201), of which you can find a preview and a construction review on OTW, and previewed the Panzerwerfer variant, so it will come as no surprise to those who have read those pages, or those having one of these kits themselves, that I am delighted to hold yet another variant: the FlaK version with armored cab.
This kit has a lot in common with the other kits I just mentioned, so I will probably partially repeat myself, for instance when warning you to take care when opening the box as some of the track parts have the tendency to work themselves loose and might fall victim to the carpet monster.

Some things changed since my last review, as Maco now shows pictures of the assembled kit on the back of the box. This way, interested shoppers can immediately have an idea what to expect. I can only guess at the reasons some manufacturers don't put pictures of the actual model on their boxes.

The quality of the pieces itself is very good, with the sprues divided between cream colored ones and grey ones. The sprue above is common to all of Maco's sWS kits. Note that the upper parts (containing running gear and tracks) is provided twice. For more details about these sprues, I refer to my previous previews and construction review.


This sprue is specific for this kit.
Although it looks a lot like the cab on the Panzerwerfer, the driver's compartment is specific to this variant (it has only one top hatch for instance). Hatches can be opened. As this cab is open to the rear, it is nice that quite a bit of detail is provided for the interior. Ammo boxes are provided, which can be left open, if so desired, so the FlaK rounds inside can be displayed.

Maco also provides a very good looking Flak 43, although the scale thickness of the barrel makes it a flimsy affair.

The manual is a CAD-design style, which is very clear. Strangely enough, there seems to be no step "12".

The marking option is a vehicle from Pz.Div. Müncheberg in dark yellow with parallel green stripes, outlined in brown. Two alternative licence plates are suggested. The decals are the same as in kit 7201 and 7204, which also means that you get lots of spares.


Sample kindly provided by MACO.



My references on this vehicle are quite poor, but I can recommend the following:

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Article Last Updated: 10 December 2011