15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf sWS

Kit # 7204 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)

I've already built the non-armored sWS from MACO (kit 7201), of which you can find a preview and a construction review on OTW, so it will come as no surprise to those who have read those pages, or those having one of these kits themselves, that I am delighted to now also hold another variant: the armored version with a ten-tube rocket launcher, aka Panzerwerfer 42 auf sWS.
This kit has a lot in common with 7201, so I will probably partially repeat myself, for instance when warning you to take care when opening the box as some of the track parts have the tendency to work themselves loose and might fall victim to the carpet monster.

Quality of the pieces itself is very good, with the sprues divided between cream colored ones, which the kit shares with 7201, and grey ones, which are specific for the Panzerwerfer.
I found a few sink marks on the middle road wheels, but in places where they will be hidden by the outer wheels.

The manual is a CAD-design style, which is very clear.

The lower hull is the same as in kit 7201:
- The Schachtellaufwerk (interleaved suspension) is engineered just as in the latest Dragon and Revell Sd.Kfz.251 series with the inner row cast as one piece, the mid row connected by an arch that becomes invisible after assembly and individual outer wheels.
- Quality of the link-and-length tracks is very high.
- A minor nitpick is the splitting of the front wheels in two vertical halves, which requires some extra filling and sanding.
- All tools are separate and nicely done.

The upper hull is new, although probably partially shared with kit 7207, and is equally well done.
You get an armored cab with separate top hatches and visors and an interior that is sufficient if you chose to leave some of them open.
The rear of the vehicle has separate hatches for the top and rear of the hull, but no interior. The side bins have their hatches molded shut.
Grab handles are provided as separate parts.

Maco leaves you the choice between the Munitionsfahrzeug and the Panzerwerfer proper, by providing alternative parts for the upper hull.
The Muntionsfahrzeug has just an extra set of hatches, while the Panzerwerfer needs an assembly for the rocket launching tubes. These are split lengthwise with separate rockets.
I can only hope I will be able to clean up the seams on the inside when gluing those together, although the separate missiles will make this work easier.

Another option is a nicely rendered MG34 for AA purposes.

You get one unspecified marking option for a vehicle in dark yellow and green and carrying the name Thor. Decals are the same as in kit 7201, which also means that you get a decal for the dashboard and lots of spares.

I can vow for the quality of the decals, as I used them to good effect on kit 7201.


Sample kindly provided by MACO.



My references on this vehicle are quite poor, but I can recommend the following:

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Article Last Updated: 17 November 2010