M2A2 Bradley OIF Stowage Set
Kit # LF7205 Review by Doug Chaltry - doug(at)ontheway.us

This is the second accessory set that Legend Productions has released for the M2 Bradley. This one is quite a bit more comprehensive than their earlier set, though with no etched brass parts included. Although I'm not certain, it looks as though from the box top that this set was designed for the Dragon M2A2 OIF kit, but I'm sure that these parts can be adapted to the Revell Bradley as well.

No instructions are included, so the only guide we have to parts placement is the photo on the box, or photographs of real Bradleys. Right out of the box, this looks like a superb set. The resin is perfectly cast, with no air bubbles or imperfections of any kind.

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Article Last Updated: 27 March 2005