JGSDF Type 87 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun

Kit #: 72294 Preview by Timothy Lau - weeoih(at)outlook(dot)com
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Picture taken from Henk of Holland website, with permission

I am writing to add a "confusion reduction" comment for the builder about the markings, which are all in Japanese. They are a zinch to understand if you can read. But I am guessing the readers of On The Way can't. And they become very complex.

To begin with, the builder is supposed to follow this table to choose the vehicle he wants to model.

Then the builder is supposed to follow this diagram.

So let's try to make sense.

The first group in the table is of a training unit.

The builder has to pick a consistent set of decals. The location (but not the specific) markings follow these diagrams:

The notations say that the dragon markings were moved around (and even removed) over time. Here is a video of the vehicles in 2014.

I do not have a timestamp on this picture, but the dragon marking was moved to another spot.

Here is a picture of them without the dragon marking.

The builder should also note that the decal corresponding to 8 is optional.

The marking was apparently seen in 2014, so it should follow the placement of the dragon in 2014 for consistency.

Let us then consider the second group.

It represents a vehicle in a weapons school. I have no information on this but the decals are relatively self-explanatory compared to the others.

Here is the third group.

Here are pictures of vehicles within this unit.

According to the notation, vehicle 96-5322, the vehicle was seen with the two stripes in 2010.

I do not have any information on 96-5322 but here is a picture of another vehicle with the stripes.

The notations also say that vehicle 96-5211 was additionally seen with these characters.

I have no information on this particular vehicle.

Finally, we get to the last unit.

The notations say that the "III" used to be red and then is now green. Here is a picture of some of the vehicles in red marking.


As I said, this is not easy for the non-Japanese reader to look at. But the pictures included here should help.

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Article Last Updated: 17 February 2019