Puma Wheel Set

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Preview by Rob Haelterman- heman(at)advalvas(dot)be

This set contains sixteen wheels for the Sd.Kfz.234 8-Rad series, packaged in a plastic blister-cum-cardboard backing. No instructions are given, only a small leaflet showing the contents of the set.

The Sd.Kfz.234 came with a relatively great variety of hubs and tyre types. In my references I have found at least 8 different types of tyre combinations (see composite picture below).

Picture taken from the internet. Unknown source.

There were also three types of hubs:
a) 2 holes and 8 bolts (early)
b) 2 holes and 10 bolts (mid-late)
c) 5 holes and 10 bolts (mid-late).


This set represents 4 possible combinations:
- One of the tyre thread types can be identified as that of picture 1 with type c hub. It carries the markings of "VORWERK" on the tyre wall.
- One thread type can be identified as type 2. Type c hub. It carries the markings of "CONTINENTAL".
- Another thread resembles type 7. Type b hub. It carries the markings of "VORWERK".
- The last thread vaguely resembles type 6. Type b hub. It carries the markings of "FULDA".

By comparison:
- Italeri has the type 3 tyre with type c hub.

- MarS has the type 1 tyre with an approximation of a type c hub.

- Hasegawa provides a very vague representation of a type 1 tyre (2 each) and a type 7 tyre (10 each) and even more vague representations of type c hubs. (See preview of this kit for pictures.) While the tyre-wall has some detai,l the contact surface is almost devoid of any pattern.


- I have no first-hand experience with the Roden kits.
- The type designations are ad hoc, and not used as such by historians.


Those of you with basic notions of arithmetic will have come to the conclusion by now that with this set you can only equip an Sd.Kfz.234 by using at least two types of wheels. If you want 8 identical wheels PLUS spare wheel, you will have to buy 3 sets. Regarding that spare wheel: as all wheels in this set are identical you will have to rework the hub if you want to use it as the spare.

The way the attachment of the wheels of this set are cast shows that they are meant for the Hasegawa kit, which has quite poor wheels. With minor surgery thay can probably be made to fit the other kits as well.

The wheels are cast in grey resin and are attached to a molding carrot on the tyre face. This choice will only ruin the thread where it makes contact with the ground.
Casting is good, but not perfect. Detail is somewhat soft (especially the lettering on the tyre face) and some hubs are marred by air bubbles and other minor casting deficiencies, which ruins an otherwise great effort.


Below is a scan of another set, in a different color of resin.

Picture by Doug Chaltry.



This set would greatly enhance the Hasegawa kit, which - despite its overall quality - has poor wheels. I say "would" and not "will", as the casting quality of these wheels is not without blemishes.
Another negative point is the fact that only four wheels of each type are given, necessitating a choice between a mix-and-match configuration or the purchase of at least 2 sets. The latter (pricy) option would leave you with enough wheels for 4 vehicles. As I still have 3 Hasegawa kits in my stash, that might be an option for me, as I would be using up most of the wheels.



[1] Sd Kfz 234/2, Francisco Javier Cabeza and Carlos Martín. http://www.panzernot.net/?page_id=30&lang=en

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Article Last Updated: 18 May 2011