1944 Fallschirmjaeger Set

Kit # WFM72005

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

Wee Friends has started to re-release CMSC's metal figures. This one used to be set DF08 and is now in Wee Friends' catalogue as WFM72005.

We can be very happy that Friendship Models chose to resurrect this line as these are wonderfully sculpted items (by Tony Boustead). As with almost all metal figures, a seam line is present, but this is very minor and should be easy to remove with a hobby knife. No other casting defects were found in the metal figures. Detail is abundant and facial expressions among the best I have seen in this scale.
About the scale: they are labeled as 1/76, but their anatomy and size leads me to believe they would be perfectly suited for 1/72.

You get five figures:
- a figure walking with an unidentified submachinegun slung over his shoulder, left hand in pocket.
- a figure walking with his right arm in a bandage; left arm separate. He has Kar98k ammo pouches.
- a figure walking with field cap and binoculars. He looks like an NCO or officer. I guess the separate right arm with MP40 will be for him.
- a figure walking. Two separate arms. I guess the arms that make him hold his rifle nonchalantly on his shoulder are for him. He has the typical bandolier slung around his neck.
- a figure walking, pushing a wheelbarrow. Judging from his outfit, he is an MG gunner.

All figures wear the Fallschirmjäger jump smock.

Apart from the figures you get a wheelbarrow that comes as a resin body with metal wheel. Both will need a fair amount of cleanup.
You also get
- 4 Panzerfausts, in two sizes. I have never been able to tell the variants apart, but one looks like the smallest version, and one has the aiming device folded out. I always thought that this meant it was ready to be fired, so I am not sure how this would fit in with these figures, but it will find a use somewhere.
- a Panzerschreck and a crate with two rockets. Very nice, and the first time I see these rockets separately.
- two Kar98k (I think)
- an MG42 + bipod + ammo box. The latter looks a bit odd.

Doing the math, that would mean that this demi-squad is quite well armed. That said, I don't think all the spare weapons would ever fit in that tiny wheelbarrow.

These five figures make for an almost instant vignette representing retreating troops. Add a burnt out AFV on the side of the road and you're done !

Sample kindly provided by Ian Hanratty of Wee Friends.

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Article Last Updated: 01 June 2010