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British Tank Tracks WW1
(for Master Box kit)

Kit #: WDACR028 Preview by - Al Magnus

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The Master Box Mark I series of tanks are beautiful examples of modern day injection molding. Unfortunately they took the easy way out with the tracks. These are of the old rubber band style and really decrease the overall quality and value of the kit. It would have been nice if Master Box had included a nice set of styrene link-and-length tracks, or even better a set of flexible injected plastic tracks similar to those found in the MPK Sd.Kfz. 10 (Demag).

To our rescue comes this set of resin link-and-length tracks offered by W^D Models to replace those poor rubber band style tracks.

Detail on the replacement links is excellent and I would venture to say they should easily slip into place having the same spacer along the back just like the kit's tracks have. Whether or not they will be long enough remains to be discovered when I build the model and try them.

The castings do exhibit some minor warping and the 20 link runs exhibit a few small voids in the track edges. Nothing too serious that should be easily rectified with either some filling or covering over with some mud. One of my 7 link runs was short cast being only 6.5 links. There is an extra single link in the kit I figure that I can use this to restore the short link, or barring that I'll be asking Barry at W^D for a replacement run.

I do have one minor nitpick: instead of sequentially numbering the track links in the instructions that constantly forces the builder to refer back to the instructions to see what link number matches with what link count, I'd rather have seen the numbers refer directly to the number of links in the run (as I have done to the left). For example, instead of having run number 1 = 20 links, just call it number 20. My solution will be to use an indelible marker and write the corresponding run number on the bottom side of the part.

These look to be excellent replacements for the indifferent rubber band style tracks offered by Master Box.

Preview sample supplied by Barry Williams of W^D Models.

Update: 2016/Aug/08

The tracks have been added to the tank and try as I might, I couldn't get the supplied set of tracks to go completely around without resorting to adding extra links. My first attempt while following the instruction sheet came up about 2 single links short. Also take care centering the links. The spacer on the backside of the links is a tad narrower than the groove they are to slip into so it's easy to skew the links.

Being not too sure that I didn't ball things up I tried the other side. When I got to the turn around the front horn it looked like I was going to be short again just as I was on my first attempt. The attachment spots on the placement diagram didn't jive with what I was seeing on the kit, so this time I modified the instructions somewhat and added the remaining 7 links to the arc going around the front horn instead of the 5 as instructed. This time I was able to get the track to link up with the start point. I also managed to lose one of the ridges that run across the track. They are quite easy to break off and easily disappear if one is not careful.

So, I'm not to sure why the tracks came up short, but it is either a result of my placing the links too close together, or not having enough links in the first place. I contacted Barry Williams at W^D to obtain a few single links to fill the gap, and he quickly sent me another complete set - which was a pleasant surprise. Should others run into this same problem, Barry appears to be more than willing to set things right and send extra links to fix the problem.

Update: 29/January/2017

Barry Williams has indictated that he will include an extra few links in future packages for those of us who, like me, are link-and-length challenged.


As far as I'm concerned the tracks look just great on the kit, especially where they make the sharp turn around the front and rear horns where the gap between the individual links is much more realistic looking than anything a rubber band track can create. As can be seen below I've also modified the Masterbox Mk.I male into a supply tank in an attempt to model the semi-famous Dodo tank. Next on the todo list is a set of scratch built track spuds and finish the kit off with some painting and decaling.

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