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Panzerwerfer 42 auf Maultier

Kit # 72016 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail.com

This kit represents the Sd.Kfz.4/1, one of the many Maultiere in German service. This one is armored and fitted with a Panzerwerfer 42 rocket launcher.

At one time it was also released by HR Model as kit 72156. Both brands also market(ed) the PE tracks of this kit separately.


1. Packaging

Side-opening cardboard box.


2. Type of kit

Multi-media (resin + PE).

The main part of this kit is the solid vehicle body, which is nicely cast, but not without some minor inconveniences. One of them is the very large casting block on the rear. When carefully removed this will not interfere with the final result. A bit more difficult to perfect will be the panel lines on the body, which are not 100% straight or aligned with eachother. Some imperfections can be found on the flat surfaces that were probably there on the master. These are in locations that are hard to reach. The body in my kit was very slightly warped.

Other big parts are the chassis, front wheels (including a spare), and suspension parts for the rear tracks. All of these are actually very nicely done, with only the occasional air bubble to be taken care of, but these are few in number and easy to fill.
The rocket launcher is also nicely cast with the tubes being hollowed out at the end. The tubes suffer from a slight alignment problem, which will be very difficult to correct, but it is not too extreme to live with. A disk is included, but not mentioned in the manual. I guess that it serves to convert this vehicle into an ammo carrier.

The smaller parts include an MG34 and jerrycans, which are not mentioned in the manual. Nice headlights, Notek and antenna base are included as well.

The tracks are thick sections of PE, that have to be folded and bent. They are marked "Pz.Kpfw. I A & B", so I guess they are also included in those kits from VVV. As far as I know the tracks for this vehicle were indeed the same as those of the Panzer I.

Other PE parts are included for the nose and rear plate, engine hatches, visors, steps and other sundry bits, and are actually very nicely done. (Also see the tracks picture sent by Vladimir Cereba.)

3. Instruction sheet

This consists of a multi- step "exploded" drawing. I am not entirely convinced that I will be able to immediately identify where every piece should go, without finding some photographs of the real vehicle.

4. Decals and markings

A small set, printed by MPD, is included for two vehicles. All markings are black and white and not overly crisply printed. No marking instructions are given in the manual.

5. Conclusion

This kit is quite good for a limited production resin kit, but not perfect.

The pro's are
- resin casting of the smaller pieces is very good
- PE parts are included and are nicely done
- decals are included

The con's are
- the main body is not quite perfect and will be difficult to improve without reconstructing some of the detail
- the decals are not the best I have seen

Still, even with these imperfections, it is actually the best representation of this vehicle I have seen in 1/72 so far, and with some loving care and patience can probably be built into a convincing model.


Thanks to Philippe Bonnet for the review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 05 April 2009