PAK Ezel (Anti-tank Donkey)

Kit # TM011

Preview by Rob Haelterman

Picture found on the internet, a long time ago, source unknown (i.e. forgotten), used for discussion purposes only.


The "PAK-ezel" (litt. "PAK donkey", i.e. Panzerabwehrkanone donkey, and which might be a pun referring to the Dutch "pakezel" for a donkey used as a beast of burden) in this set is based on a picture found in German archives of a soldier proudly displaying a donkey with a Panzerfaust 60 mounted on its back. A shield from a Panzerschreck 54 is added, and something that might be a gunsight, or radio antenna. From the picture I guess that the donkey just poses beneath the scaffolding, i.e. that it is not really attached to the animal's back.
As I have found no action reports, or production records, I assume that this configuration had a (very) limited production run and was not very successful.

This highly original set contains 8 resin pieces, the main piece being the donkey. The sculpting is very nice, but unfortunately the donkey is shown walking (possibly because it is based on the Pegasus "farm animals" set), which will make it difficult to go with the hypothesis above. There is a minor amount of flash, but air-bubbles are less innocuous. The donkey has a large one in its belly, which will be easy to fix, however, without leaving any trace. Some of the ends of the cross-beams are cut short by air-bubbles as well, and this will also be quite easy to remedy. The hole in the shield for the Panzerfaust will probably require a complete replacement from scratch, but is not outside my reach.

A manual is lacking, but the picture above, and those above will suffice to get all the parts in the right place.

Pictures from manufacturer.


Review sample kindly provided by TAS Models.

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Article Last Updated: 02 January 2013