M75 Full Track

Kit #: R72050 Preview by Marc Mercier - mercier(dot)marc(dot)2(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

Retrotracks released this small scale model of this historically important infantry vehicle, the first purpose build fully enclosed and fully tracked (hence its name) armoured personnel carrier. When checking the kits dimensions against those provided by the American Fighting Vehicle Database, the model is spot on for 1/72. (see American Fighting Vehicle Database, an interesting page with loads of US fighting vehicle dimensions).

All the parts in my kit were crisply moulded and no air bubbles are present

The hull is split up in two hollow pieces, which will make the finished model rather light. Additionally, this will also make it easier to open up hatches and doors. The detail on the hull is sharp and nicely cast. The tracks are cast in link and length, but detail on them is rather soft. Some parts are really puny and will demand extreme care to remove them from their pouring blocks. The protection bars for the headlights are also moulded in resin and will be a nightmare to clean up. I plan on replacing them with copper wire because I fear they will break at one point or another. The only moulding problem on my model seems to be the rod supporting the commanders hatch. A minor problem that easily can be corrected with some styrene tube or copper wire.

Retrotracks deserves congratulations for including a decal sheet in this kit. However, the only version provided is a Belgian vehicle (During the Cold war era, the Belgian Army was one of the main users of the M75). The markings on the sheet were based on a surviving Belgian vehicle, as displayed in the Brussels Army Museum. Unfortunately, the markings on this particular M75 are incomplete : It only has one licence plate instead of the usual two (back and front) and the same can be said of the vehicle's name "Knesselare" which is normally painted on both sides. Although not mentioned on the instructions, this particular vehicle belonged to the 2nd in command of a squadron belonging to the "2nd Guides Tank Battalion"

On the downside, the assembly instruction sheet is very succinct : Just three little black and white drawings that don't even cover the whole building sequence. You'll certainly need additional reference material to complete this one.

Review sample purchased by the author.

Note : the moulds for this kit have been sold to Tas Models, where it should be available in the near future.

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Article Last Updated: 07 December 2012