8.8cm Flak 18,36/KwK36 ammunition

RB Kit # 72P12

Preview by Rob Haelterman

All guns in the label of this set are icons of WW2. While the KwK36 (used on the Tiger I) was not derived from the Flak18/36 it shared the same ammunition, with the exception of the primer.

In this set you get 12 (hollow) cartridges and 9 separate projectiles. The technical quality of the parts is beyond compare. After trawling the internet and a couple dozen books, I think I was able to identify the rounds as

  • Spgr.Patr. L/4.5
  • Pzgr.Patr
  • Hl.39 (HEAT) ?

Surprisingly, I only found measurements for the Pzgr.Patr. [1]. Its shell should be 570mm, while the complete round should measure 873mm. At 11.96 and 7.79mm the round scales out at 1/73, which is close enough for me. Caliber-wise, they are closer to 1/76, which still is not noticeable, even to the trained eye.
Obviously the shells would be the same for the other two types of rounds, and while I don't have any exact measurements, their relative sizes look very close to the original.



[1] Tigr boevoe primenenie germanskih tjaželyh tankov (cyrillic), Tornado.

Sample bought with author's pocket money.


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Article Last Updated: 08 November 2015