17pdr British Tank Gun

RB Kit # 72B39

Preview by Rob Haelterman

The Ordnance QF 17 pdr gun rose to fame when it was installed in British Sherman tanks, creating the Firefly, and in the process providing an answer to the latest breed of German tanks.
Apart from its use in the Sherman, it was also a potent AT gun, and was installed in tank hunters like the Archer and the Achilles. Challengers and early Centurions were also equipped with the 17 pdr.
As far as I know, this replacement barrel is specifically aimed at the Firefly.


Picture above: comparison between the RB barrel and that of the Dragon Firefly kits. Both are almost identical in length. (Note that the muzzle brake of the RB barrel should slide a bit further onto the barrel.)
Obvious is the more correct variation in taper of the RB barrel. The muzzle brake is also vastly superior (see first picture).
A far better picture of the muzzle brake can be found at RB Model's webpage, by the way.



Sherman. A History of the American Medium Tank. R.P. Hunnicut.


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Article Last Updated: 28 December 2016

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