KV-2 Russian Tank Leningrad Battle with MG-team
Kit # 72330 Preview by David O'Barr
Edited by Rob Haelterman

I've been curious about these kits for a while. However, information is limited and it is difficult if not impossible to find reviews. So I took matters into my own hands and purchased one of the kits on E-Bay. I got lucky and I was able to snap one ufor $7.95 with free shipping. Not bad. But I did not want to pay too much for a kit that might be terrible. The kit arrived yesterday and I have compared the kit and the figures in the box to kits in my stash and I am ready to give a full review.

This is the box. It is small and has a nice picture (Although it is in German Colors and has the German modifications of a 754(r)). As you can see the kit is labeled "Leningrad Battle 1941 WW2" and it says it contains "2 pieces kit tank" and "11 figs and MG team/flag/posters".

The box contains the two resin parts for the tank and two sprues of soldiers.
More about the soldiers later.

Assembly of the kit takes two seconds!

Actually I'm not sure how to attach the turret. Obviously if you glue it, it will not turn. The detail on the kit is actually pretty good. It has some stowage and what looks like sandbags on the sides. It also has a couple of cables which appear to just sit loose on the tank. The wheels and tracks have fair detail for a resin kit and the casting is bubble free with no chips or holes. The bottom of the tank is undercut on the front and back but a large solid block covers most of the bottom. This is fine until you look at the bottom of the kit. It looks like this:

Not so great. You could cut and grind all that resin out if you wanted it to look more realistic but it would take a lot of effort and the resin is very hard.

I compared the casting with the PST KV-2 kit and it was a fairly close match.

PST on the right. Like I said close but some differences. The Pobeda kit appeared to be perfect 1/72. I then compared it to the Trumpeter 7235 Russian KV-2 M1940 Tank kit and . . . it is the exact same kit.

Of course the resin kit has all the parts and stowage on it but this kit is just a resin casting of the Trumpeter kit! Same with the turret. An exact copy.

So it is an exact copy of the Trumpeter turret.

More about the troops. I think it is almost comical to include these troops with this vehicle. The troops have post war weapons! AK-47, RPG's? The siege of Leningrad would not have lasted three years if the Soviet infantry would have been so well armed!

Maybe they are a special time traveling unit!

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Article Last Updated: 28 June 2012