OKB Grigorov T-34/76 Add-on Armor Plates
  Review by Doug Chaltry - doug(at)ontheway.us
OKB Grigorov is a new manufacturer who is specializing in photoetched details for the Soviet T-34. Their first series of detail sets includes several versions of add-on armor plates seen on many T-34s from the STZ (Stalingrad Tractor Factory) and "Red Sormovo" (Factory 112) tank factories. As I obtain new samples of these sets, I will add scans of them here.

No. 72007 T-34/76 Stalingrad Tractor Factory, Early pattern hull armor variant No.1

Here are two scans, one showing the parts on the sprue, and the other showing the upper hull piece attached to the UM kit (the fit is perfect):

No. 72012 T-34/76 Factory No.112 "Red Sormovo", Early pattern hull armor variant No.3

This scan shows the parts on the sprue:

Thank you very much to OKB Grigorov for the providing the review samples.

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Article Last Updated: 24 April 2005