Tracks For British Churchill Tank, Light Cast Steel type

Kit #: S72436 Preview by Stephen Brezinski - sbrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Rob Haelterman

This set is a cast resin replacement track for 1/72-scale Churchill infantry tanks kit in 1/72-scale such as the nice kits from Dragon but especially the older Churchill model kits by ESCI and by Hasegawa.

OKB gives us six resin track sections 8.5-cm long each for a total of 51-cm of track. The track from a DML Churchill model is 21-cm long per side, and that for an ESCI kit is 20-cm per side. With a 1/72 scale kit needing 40 to 42-cm of replacement track that leaves us with about 10-cm of extra track to cover breakage or to use as appliqué armor draped over the hull.

The tan track above is a soft plastic band track from a DML Churchill model and the best I have found available in 1/72 until the OKB track became available. The silver track in the center is the stiff polyethylene plastic that looks passable, was good for 1975, but was so stiff it is hard to use and resists most glues. At top and at bottom, on the pour plugs, is the gray cast resin track 72436 from OKB. The OKB track is wonderfully detailed on top and bottom sides. There are also several other types of Churchill track available from OKB.

Before painting and gluing, wash the track in soapy water, dip in hot water so the track bends easier around the sprocket and idler wheels, glue with cyanoacrylate super glue. I have found it separates easily from the pour plugs and is not overly fragile.

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Article Last Updated: 10 March 2021

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