OKB Grigorov


Commander Cupola for
Panzer III Ausf. C, D E and F,
and for Pz IV Ausf. B, C, and D

Kit #: S72394 Preview by Stephen Brezinski - sbrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Rob Haelterman

The all-round vision commander’s cupola, along with the 3-person turret was a significant reason for the success of the German Panzers over allied tanks with thicker armor, bigger guns and greater numbers. The vision cupola with hatch on top, as well as not being encumbered as acting as loader and/or gunner, allowed the commander greater situational awareness. The turrets for both the Panzer III and the Panzer IV were designed and built by Krupp which I believe explains why the turrets look so similar and use the same cupola.

  • Here is a close-up of the commander cupola parts designed for both the Panzerkampfwagen III and the PzKpfw IV. This only shows three of the four cupolas included as one of them is being used. The cast resin parts are sold in a small plastic bag.
  • This represents a cupola used on early Pz. III and Pz IV’s. The label states it was used on the Pz. III Ausf. C, D, E and Ausf. F, and the Pz IV Ausf. B, C and Ausf. D. The 1/72 scale model kits I believe these cupolas would be appropriate for include: the World At War Pz IV Ausf. B kit 008 and Pz IV Ausf. D kit 09, Mirage Models Pz IV Ausf. B kit 72852 and Pz IV Ausf. D kit 72853,
  • Panzer III model kits this cupola would be suitable for include Attack models Panzer III Ausf. E kit 72826 and Panzer III Ausf. F kit 72825, First To Fight Pz.Bef.Wg III Ausf. D kit 75, and Pz III Ausf. D kit 73.
  • There are four sets of three cupola parts for a total of 12 cast resin parts, enough cupolas for four Panzers. Casting quality and detail appear very good. Not only is there good detail on the cupola exterior but the cupola interior has details of the vision blocks and brow pads. I noted no bubbles or distorted pieces. There is some thin flash to clean off.
  • This early style cupola has the split, 2-part, hatch. It has a distinctly different look than the later cupolas. I understand that as the vehicle was up-armored the cupola armor was increased which explains the changes.
  • My assessment is that this would be a great addition to help turn a decent gaming model into a good display model and historical miniature. I am impressed with the detail and molding quality of OKB Grigorov products.


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Article Last Updated: 23 August 2020

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