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Tracks for Pz VI Tiger 1 Middle type

Kit #: S72140 Preview by Stephen Brezinski - sbrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Rob Haelterman

This aftermarket, tank track replacement set consists of six 9-cm long lengths of cast resin tracks in a small ziplock plastic bag. Separation from the pour plugs is easy with a sharp blade. I had no breakage during shipment. This kit is labeled as a middle-type of Tiger track and there are several other styles of Tiger 1 track offered by OKB. I noted eight different styles of Tiger 1 track released by OKB, including the narrow transport tracks, as well as resin replacement roadwheels, sprockets and idler wheels..

A length of band track in a Dragon Tiger I model is 17cm long, so with a total of 54cm of resin track OKB supplies enough track for one and a half Tiger I model kits. This track set is suitable for improving the Dragon and Trumpeter Tiger and Sturmtiger kits, and especially the old Hasegawa Tiger kit.

Assemble carefully with Cyanoacrylate (Super) glue. To curb breaking I recommend heating the track in hot water before bending the track around the wheels.

At top in this photo we have a 17cm long band track from a Dragon Tiger I model for comparison. Next below in a stiff black plastic is Tiger I track from a very old Planet Models kit which is devoid of accuracy. The pale gray OKB track shows very good detail on the interior and exterior sides.



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Article Last Updated: 01 November 2020

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