OKB Grigorov


Tracks for Pz. III and Pz IV
Type 7, 40cm width Standartketten

Kit #: S72056 Preview by Stephen Brezinski - sbrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Looking over the variety of resin replacement track by OKB Grigorov, I wondered: how interesting and different can Panzer IV track be that there would be over seven different types? Then my small-scale prayers were answered: hollow guide horns! I never knew these existed or were possible in this scale, but I guess if they can cast them in a real tank track, then they just need to make them smaller. If anyone can do this in 1/72 scale resin it would be OKB, their level of detail and quality just amazes me.

I apologize first for the brown color of the OKB track in the photos below. It is actually gray in color, but my camera altered the color to brown, I suspect due to the artificial lighting I used.

In the photos we see the four lengths of track each 10 cm long for a total of 40 cm of track. That is enough for a full 1/72-scale Pz IV model with about 8 cm of extra track to mount on the hull or use with another model. For a Pz III we would have enough for a complete Pz III plus about 10 cm of leftover track.

For reference I measured the length of band-track for a variety of 1/72-scale Pz IV and Pz III kits that this 1/72-scale 40-cm wide track can be used for so we’ll know about how much aftermarket replacement track we will need. Based on this, each aftermarket track set for these vehicles should supply at minimum 34 cm of track, 17 cm per side.

  • ESCI Pz IV, Jagdpanzer IV, Wirbelwind, Brummbär 17 cm per side,
  • Zvezda Pz IV 16 cm,
  • Hasegawa Pz IV, Jagdpanzer IV & Munitionspanzer 17 cm,
  • Mirage Pz IV 17 cm,
  • Trumpeter Jagdpanzer IV, Brummbär 16 cm,
  • Dragon Pz IV, Jagdpanzer IV, Brummbär 16.5 cm,
  • Trumpeter StuG III 15 cm,
  • ESCI StuG III, Pz III 15.5 cm
  • Dragon Pz III, StuG III 15 cm

This small scale 40 cm track should not be used with the Mirage Model’s and the First To Fight Model’s Pz IV kits as these are early variant Pz IV vehicles that used a narrower, 36-cm track.

A close up look at the track in OKB’s set 72056. I am really amazed at the level of detail in this track. In addition to the open guide horns (track teeth) I can see the individual track pins sticking out the side of the link. Some of the open track teeth appear to be plugged but all things considered I have no complaints.

After cutting from the pour plug and washing in mild detergent, the resin track lengths can be immersed in hot water and carefully and promptly wrapped around the sprocket, roadwheels, and idler wheels. Some track sag between the return rollers would be appropriate.

I have not yet used this track so I do not know how fragile they will be when trying to bend around the sprockets and creating track sag. None of my dozen sets of OKB track and wheels have any broken parts so that is an indication this resin is not too fragile.

This track accessory was purchased by the modeler.

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Article Last Updated: 07 May 2020

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