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Preview by Stephen Brezinski - sbrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Al Magnus

This review covers two types of track used by the M4 Medium Sherman tank with the Vertical Volute Spring Suspension (VVSS). The VVSS track came in rubber block and steel construction with both flat bock with no tread pattern, and quite a variety of tread patterns

These two resin track sets represent similar Sherman track types are of all steel contraction with a chevron style tread pattern.

My references state that the T-54E1 OKB tracks set S72063 (above left) is a common Sherman tack type and particularly common on the late war M4A1 and M4A3. Detail appears accurate and very well done, about the best most accurate detail in 1/72-scale I have seen.

The T-54E2 OKB tracks set S72064 (above right) was a track type designed by Chrysler Corporation and is common to many exported, Lend Lease, Shermans such as the M4A4; sometimes referred to as the "British track". The most obvious difference between these two track types is the shape of the chevron tread, also referred to as the grouser (not to be confused with the separate bolted on steel grousers).

Above is a complete set of track set S72063 comprised of six lengths of track on pour plugs. Clean up of the track lengths looks reasonably easy with a sharp blade and a sanding stick. Each track length is 90-mm long for a total of 540-mm of track.

Above is a comparison of the OKB T54E2 track at bottom with the pale amber colored Dragon Models Sherman 1/72-scale track at top, and the black color Trumpeter Sherman track in the center. My experience is that the 163-mm long Dragon track fits snug but fine; I have heard it can be stretched if too tight, but be careful. The 160-mm long Trumpeter Sherman track is a little shorter and when I have tried to stretch it to fit, the Trumpeter track broke: not good!

Two lengths of the OKB track (180-mm) are longer than the Trumpeter and Dragon band track leaving us with two extra lengths, enough for plastering the model with track appliqué armor, like on many Canadian Shermans in NW Europe.

Above is a close-up comparison of the T-54E2 OKB tracks set S72064 with the soft plastic, light amber Dragon track and the black colored Trumpeter band track. My assessment is that the OKB resin track has the finest detail and is preferable if we want a better display model.

An interesting thing with the OKB track is that the end overall width with the end connectors is wider than the Trumpeter models and about the same as the Dragon band track, but the OKB track block is about the same as the narrower Trumpeter track. I hope I am clear in what I am trying to explain, but for me what this means is that the end connectors proportionally stick out too far. I think an advantage of this is that the track may be able to fit both the Trumpeter sprocket wheels and the wider Dragon sprocket wheels. When I get to use the track, which I hope will be soon, we will find out.

My track was packaged in a small ziplock bag with no breakage despite no padding or box.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 08 September 2015