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OKB Grigorov Set S72309, Idler Wheel Type 8 for Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer
OKB Grigorov Set S72310, Idler Wheel for Pz 38(t)
OKB Grigorov Set S72313, Roadwheels for Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer Type 1
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Edited by Rob Haelterman

These aftermarket cast resin parts can improve on the smallscale plastic Panzerjäger 38, Panzer 38(t), Grille self-propelled artillery, and Marder III kits such as the old ESCI kits, and the newer Pz 38(t) based Attack Models and UM model kits. These parts are listed as 1/72 scale, and though I have not measured them, they reasonably match the kit parts. The old Attack Models short run molded Pz 38(t) kits can especially be improved by these resin wheels. A comment on the term, name, “Hetzer”: Hetzer was not an official wartime name for the Panzerjäger 38. The definition of Hetzer I understand to be hard to translate into American and English. Since Hetzer has become the accepted postwar name and it is what OKB uses, I will also use the name. At times the names Panzer 38(t) and Panzerjäger 38(t) are used, though I have read the “(t)” was dropped in 1943.

OKB Grigorov Set S72309, Idler Wheel Type 8 for Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer
For comparison below we have the OKB resin Idler Wheels For Hetzer S72309 compared with pale-gray color plastic idler wheels from a UM Model Hetzer kit. My OKB set S72309 comes with 20 medium-gray cast resin wheel parts on pour plugs, 10 outer and 10 inner idler wheels, enough for five Hetzers or G-13’s. This 4-hole idler wheel I have seen on the Hetzer, particularly on the Swiss G-13, but not on the Pz 38(t) variants. The UM wheels are notably more accurate and better molded than the Attack and ESCI Pz 38 based models. OKB set S72309 offers 4-hole idler wheels while the UM model has a choice of 6-hole and 12-hole idler wheels.

OKB’s S72309 compared with the 6-hole idlers with the ESCI Hetzer models. The six tiny holes on the ESCI outer wheels are an anomaly and these holes should be the same larger size as in the inner wheel parts to the left.

OKB Grigorov Set S72310, Idler Wheel for Pz 38(t) comes with 20 Medium gray cast-resin wheel parts on 10 pour plugs in a small ziplock bag. There are 10 inner and 10 outer idler wheels, enough for five vehicles. This is the most common style of idler wheel for the Pz 38(t), Marder III and Grille self-propelled gun and other evolutions of the Pz 38. At left is a sprue of wheels from a short-run, injection molded, plastic Attack Models Pz 38(t) kit. I’m not impressed with the poor molding of the Attack Models wheels, and OKB resin aftermarket replacements are much superior, especially with a replacement resin track set. At bottom are the good injection-molded plastic idler wheels by UM for their Hetzer kits.

Here is a close-up of the idler and roadwheels on a Marder III at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, USA; a tank destroyer built on the Pz 38 chassis. This idler wheel is common to the Pz 38, Grille, and Marder and matches the OKB idler set S72310. Looking closely, the 12 oval holes are not true teardrop shape but each look to be overlapping larger and smaller holes. The roadwheels are the initial type with 32 bolts around the rim and tire.

The Hetzer also had 32-bolt rimmed roadwheels but technically the Pz 38 roadwheels were 775 mm wide and the track 293 mm wide, while the Panzerjäger 38 Hetzer had 825 mm wide roadwheels and the track is 350 mm wide (Jentz & Doyle). For additional comparison in 1/72-scale, the Pz 38 roadwheels should be 10.7 mm and the Hetzer roadwheels should be 11.4 mm on the Hetzer. The track difference in 1/72 is 4 mm wide versus 4.8 mm wide.

This photo of the Aberdeen Panzerjäger 38 Hetzer has the 16-bolt roadwheels like in the OKB Grigorov Set S72313, and the sprocket wheel in the Attack Models set RE 72353 and the OKB Grigorov Set S72312.

OKB Grigorov Set S72313, Roadwheels for Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer Type 1
My OKB set S72313 comes with eight medium-gray, cast resin roadwheels with 16 bolts around the rim and tire, enough for one vehicle. This set of roadwheels is marketed for the Hetzer and G-13. Earlier Pz 38 and Hetzer variant roadwheels had 32 bolts. I commend UM for supplying the 16-bolt roadwheels rather than just carrying over their 32-bolt wheels from a UM Pz.38 kit.

These OKB Set S72313 roadwheels measure to be 11 mm wide. This compares to 11.5 mm for the ESCI Hetzer and Marder III, 11 mm for the UM Pz.38 and Hetzer models, and 11.5 mm for aftermarket resin roadwheels by AlBy. Based on this I assess these would be passable for both the Pz.38 variants and Panzerjäger 38 in 1/72-scale.

The pale-gray plastic roadwheels at left are from a UM Hetzer model and are also the 16-bolt type. At far left are 32-bolt roadwheels from UM and from the Attack Models kit.

I have found the OKB wheels separate and clean up easily with a sharp blade and sanding stick. Wash in mild detergent to remove mold lubricant, dust and fingerprints like with any model kit; and glue with cyanoacrylate super glue.



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