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Tracks for Pz.V Panther - Early, Middle, Late

Kit #: S72044, S72045, S72046 Preview by
Paul Giles - spacewolfdad(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk
Augusto I Versiani - augusto(dot)versiani(at)pobox(dot)com

Edited by Al Magnus

Hi All,

I have all three sets of OKB Panther tracks to review, they are Early, Middle and Late versions.

The tracks come in the usual zip-lock bag with a paper header...

What you get in the packets...




Notice that the guide horns are hollow for all three sets - amazing detail!

The Early, Mid and Late tracks together. As you can see, the three types when compared together show the small differences in detail.

The Late tracks compared to (left to right) - Revell, Dragon DS, Dragon Vinyl, Italeri...



Examining the tracks shows well how good the OKB ones are compared to the others (I didn't have any Trumpeter ones to hand, unfortunately, so can't comment on those). The Revell ones are not right and this is shown up later by the sprocket being incorrect. The Dragon ones are not as detailed as the OKB ones, but aren't that bad and will look reasonably good when on the tank. There is some difference with the other tracks compared to the Italeri ones which are not at all detailed.

The Late tracks around a Dragon sprocket...

The Late tracks around a Revell sprocket...

The Late tracks around an Italeri sprocket...

You can see the problem with the Revell sprocket and a close look at the tracks will show how much wider they are than the other ones. There are only 14 teeth instead of the 17 there should be. Augusto Versiani shows this very well (below) and has had to strip the teeth off to fit the tracks snugly.

Dragon and Italeri both have 17 teeth and the OKB tracks fit perfectly around around the Dragon ones. Remember these are only held in place and the fit is very good indeed. The fit for the Italeri tracks is good, but I think they may need a slight adjustment to fit snugly.

Now for an amazing comparison - OKB Late tracks compared to Fruil Model 1/35 metal tracks!

I find it incredible that Georgi can get so much detail into his tracks. In some respects he is providing us with a range of tracks for our scale that, up to now, has only been enjoyed by the larger scale models.

The tracks soften with gentle heat, I personally use a hair-dryer on a low setting, they will conform then to the shape you want to place them in and on cooling keep that shape with no springing back. They glue well with super-glue. You get enough track to complete one model and there will be enough left over to use for spare track attached to the exterior of the tank.

I am impressed with these tracks and look forward to using them on a model.

I am in no way connected with OKB Grigorov and have no financial interest in OKB Grigorov.

Preview sample supplied by OKB Grigorov.

This set can be purchased from Tracks & Troops

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Article Last Updated: 13 October 2014