OKB Grigorov


Wheels for Valentine Type 1

Kit #: 72087 Preview by Paul Giles - spacewolfdad(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk
Edited by Rob Haelterman
I had a set from Georgi at OKB Grigorov, his new Valentine wheel set. I am led to believe this is going to be an ongoing project with some nice things being produced.

Here is the bag with the wheels, it is set number S72087...

The bag contents...

The wheels are very nicely done and have a large amount of detail; they should be good replacements for the older models of the Valentine that are available. I am led to believe that the tracks will be produced, but will confirm that when I have more information. Well cast and produced, another nice article from OKB.

I have no connection with OKB Grigorov and have no financial interest with OKB-Grigorov.


Preview sample supplied by OKB Grigorov.

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Article Last Updated: 06 December 2014