CV3/35 Italian Light Tank

Manufacturer: NRC (# 7238/39)

This is obviously a quite simple kit with only the five parts shown above. I think that this is an example of good master models being hampered by poor molding techniques. The detail on the parts, especially the main hull, appears to be pretty good. But the poor quality of the resin and the molding detracts from the final product. The two parts on the left are machinegun turrets, one of which I believe attaches to the left front hull. I think that the other one is a spare. It's hard to know without any reference material, for no instructions are included with this kit, nor are any decals. There is a poor color photocopy of the completed model on the box cover, but it is so small and of such poor quality that it is almost worthless. I would recommend this kit to experienced modelers only, or to wargamers who need a cheap and sturdy CV3.

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