15cm SiG 33 auf Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. B

Manufacturer: NRC (# 72101)

This is a very nice model kit, however according to my sources, it is actually 1/76th scale.

The parts are very well made, with very good detail, and only a small amount of flash on the smaller parts. The fighting compartment walls are molded so thin, they are actually translucent. They are warped a bit because of this, but should be easy enough to fix with some hot water. The inside of the hull is fully detailed, with a seat for the driver, and most of the external details are molded onto the hull, such as the tow hooks and headlights.

As a comparison with other kits I have seen, this model is much better than the TP Models version, which is quite crude. The SiG 33 gun from Planet Models is more cleanly molded than this example, but the detail is comparable (minus the etched brass parts for this kit). I believe the aluminum gun barrel made by ARMO for the Attack Grille could probably be used with this kit as well, if desired, though the kit gun barrel is very good as is.

Once again, no decals are included, but unlike the other kits reviewed today, this one includes assembly diagrams, which are very well done.

I highly recommend this kit to those of you who build 1/76th.

Thank you very much to Martola Model Shop for providing the review sample.

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