Hotchkiss H-35

Manufacturer: NRC (# 72101)

This is a very nice model kit, however according to my sources, it is very small, much closer to 1/76th scale.

The parts are very well made, with excellent detail and molding. I've compared this kit to the Al.By H-35, and it compares very favorably. The Al.By hull is nicer, with more detail, but the wheels and the turret on this kit are excellent. There are no molding imperfections on my sample, and since NRC switched to using a new type of resin, their castings have been really very good. The tracks have a bit of flash to remove, and will then need to be heated, and bent into shape.

No decals are included, and the instructions consist of three color photos of the completed kit. Again, if you build 1/76th scale models, you will enjoy this kit very much.

Thank you very much to Martola Model Shop for providing the review sample.

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