Hotchkiss 25mm AT Gun Pak 112(f)

Manufacturer: NRC (# 7299)

Plastic model kits of WW II French vehicles and equipment are non-existent in our scale, so the resin companies have had to fill our needs. Many of their tanks and trucks have been released by Al.By and others, and I believe that before now, Al.By was also the only company that gave us this anti-tank gun in kit form. Since their kits are now as rare as California Condors, this new kit from NRC is quite welcome.

The parts are molded together on a single large block of resin, and great care is needed to safely remove the pieces for construction . . .

. . . which I have done in the above scan. I still need to clean them up a little bit before building, but as you can see, the parts are all very detailed and well molded. The gun breech is a little soft in the detail, but should look very good with a wash and drybrush. The forward gun shield is a little thick, but if it was molded any thinner, it would have warped. Some careful sanding of the back side should be adequate to thin it down.

The instructions are composed of two color photos of the completed model, both front and rear views. This is a very nice little kit, and should go together without any problems at all.

Thank you very much to Martola Model Shop for providing the review sample.

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