Fordson Armored Car

Manufacturer: NRC (# 72114)

This model is following in the footsteps of the M5A1 Stuart. It is of much higher quality than the early NRC offerings, and I am confident that this kit will build into a fabulous model.

The parts are molded in at least four different resins, and aside from being a little brittle, they look very good. There is some paper-thin flash, and a couple of chunks of resin from holes in the mold, but overall, it looks like the parts will clean up very well. Although you can see some air bubbles in the resin pour-blocks, I wasn't able to see any in the actual kit parts.

The Boys anti-tank rifle is particularly well done; too bad you have to cut off the barrel for mounting on the turret. Perhaps NRC chose to mold the entire gun to give the diorama modeler options for having the gun removed.

I must admit to a lack of knowledge of this vehicle. I have no reference material on it, but I will now look on the web to see if I can find photos and dimensions. This looks like an excellent kit, and I look forward to building it soon.

Thank you very much to 7thKompany for providing the review sample.

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