Modell Trans

Panzer III stowage Set

Kit #: MT 72045 Preview by Christopher Benjamin - christopherb214(at)msn(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus
Let's start with what is depicted on the header card starting left to right, a medium sized track run can be seen on the ground, then some track links holding 2 Panzer III wheels, and then moving to the hull we see a length of track, something hidden on the right side of the tank then a large set of "jerry" cans on the turret roof laying on their back, maybe 7 of them and a pith helmet on the turret side and a small roll on the fender and a large one piece grouping of stowage on the rear deck. Some "jerry" cans are on the rear stowage bins. Maybe 14 pieces total.
What you see and what I got are two different things.

Six moldings of the gas/water cans with 2 of them molded as a 4 piece grouping and a 3 piece grouping, with a large air bubble in it, and looking nothing like the set in the rack mounted on the turret in the picture. No large grouping for the rear deck as pictured, three Panzer IV wheels and not Panzer III wheels. I got the pith helmet, a small barrel and a triangular oil can. Two pieces of track look close to the picture on the header card. Lots of flash on the parts. And that's it.
The back of the header card shows a small upright grouping of gas cans in a rack that I mentioned as not being visible.

This is the worst set I have reviewed, and disappointing from this company. I hate to say it, but this set is not recommended unless you can see it before you buy it and it has the pictured items.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 10 May 2013