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Germany WWII V1
Missile Launching Position

Kit #: UA72033

Preview by Philippe Edern
Edited by R Haelterman

I bought this kit because of its originality. I don't think this (the V-1 with ramp) has been done before in 1/72 as an injection kit, except by Armageddon.

There are 4 identical sprues for the ramp in this kit and 2 for the V-1 and base of the ramp. There are a total of 70 parts in the kit, but sadly there is no trolley for the second V-1.

Contrary to what the boxtop says, there is no PE in the kit. Strangely, the decals in the box are those for the E-75 tank, but there is no reference to them in the manual. (Ed.note: I don't think the V-1 carried any markings, except stencils.)



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Article Last Updated: 09 April 2017

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