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T64BV Main Battle Tank

Kit #: UA72023 Preview by Kevin Liang - kevin_liang123 (at)
Edited by F. Giovagnorio

T-64 has been long forgotten by 1/72 kit manufacturers. The niche now has been filled by Modelcollect with their T-64 series.

When T-64s were first introduced as tanks for the Elite Soviet divisions, the Western NATO armies collectively panicked. Its combination of speed, firepower, and protection was unrivaled at the time (similar to how Germans reacted to the T-34/KV-1 when their anti-tank weapons did diddly squat on Soviet armour).

However, as time went on and the USSR fell, we learned some of the downsides of the tank. It had a complex suspension, and broke down very often. The Russian Federations has all but abandoned the T-64 designs (even the T-80 based on the T-64 is losing favour).

This kit is for the T-64BV version of the tank. The V means Kontakt-1/3 explosive reactive armour is added for protection against HEAT projectiles. The early generation ERA provided very little protection versus kinetic APFSDS, but it was still worth it.

The decals are the universal decals Modelcollect has. It is high quality, but it would be nice if we can get T-64 specific markings.

The track is made of DS like material. Supposedly a plastic track will be available soon.

The roadwheels are very well done. You get two sprues per kit.

The lowerhull is a one piece tub. The suspension arms are attached separately. Apparently the T-64's running gear are not offset like the T-72, as the T-64 used a half torsion bar system. It's also why it broke a lot.

This is the suspension arms and idler/sprocket mounts. They also included an often missed detail: mud scrapers.

This sprue is a common sprue for other T-64 versions. Unfortunately, the turret tops have been removed at production. It would be great if MC didn't take it out in the next production run.

The kit comes with two versions of the skirt and frontal armour. One version has sideskirt, and the other does not. Gill armour for very early T-64 is also included. For reasons unknown, the driver's hatches on both are shut.

This sprue is exclusive to the T-64BV. The turret has top turret armour applique, and ERA blocks. The hatches are also reinforced.

The ERA blocks are quite nice.

In conclusion: This is the only T-64 series kit on the market. Get it while it's hot to scratch that T-64 itch. The only issue is the driver's hatch. Beyond that, it's a great (if a bit complex) kit for a tank that never had representation in braille scale.

Highly recommended.

Kit is graciously provided at subsidized cost by the manufacturer.


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Article Last Updated: 11 September 2015