German Flak Crew No. 4

(with optional heads)

Kit #: FIG042 Preview by Stephen 'Tank Whisperer' Brezinski - sbrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Marc MERCIER

This figure set consists of five WW2 era German Flak crew figures, cast in pale green resin. There are 28 parts on five pour plugs in my small plastic bag which includes three standing and two sitting torsos, eight heads, and seven clips of 40-mms Bofors anti-aircraft gun ammunition. The figures are sold as 1/76-scale but work quite well with 1/72-scale vehicles. Casting quality looks. The figures come in small plastic bag and no padding, such as bubble wrap to protect the resin parts which leads to occasional broken parts or parts separated off the pour plugs.

I know we typically think of the 40-mm Bofors gun as an Allied AA gun but many were used by the Germans as the 4-cm Flak 28, as well as produced and used by the Hungarian Army. These figures could perhaps be used with the Airfix Bofors kit, one of the German Schnellboot (S-Boot) torpedo boat kits, or perhaps the PST Models M1939 37-mm AA gun kit (as a German 3.7-cm Flak M39(r)). I am sure it could be easily used in other German artillery kits as well.

The figures are in summer uniform and low boots, some with shirt sleeves rolled up. With the set we have a choice of helmeted heads or with soft, garrison caps. Oddly I have five torsos but two sets of four heads, so we'll have to have a mix of helmeted and capped heads. Of course, I could have a figure set with two missing, lost heads; it would not be the first time I have lost my head?

The figures look well proportioned to me and with good crisp detail and reasonably detailed faces. There are no assembly instructions for the myriad of arms and heads, but an experienced and creative modeler will have little trouble posing the limbs to their particular setting.

Clean the casting lubricant and dirt off the parts first with warm water and mild detergent. Check your references for uniform colors.


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Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 11 August 2014