Sd.Kfz. 233

Manufacturer: MarS (Kit No. 7226)

Submitted by Dave Showell

This is the first kit I have seen from the Polish company Mars. I have heard very good things about them and this kit definitely supports their good reputation. This is the Sd Kfz 233 8 rad armoured car with short 75 mm gun. As you can see in the scan below, it has a full interior and lots of small, well detailed parts. Moulded in a slightly soft caramel coloured resin, I was bowled over by some of the detail that Mars had managed to put into this kit. You can't see it in my scan, but the floor of the gun compartment has a delicate non-skid surface. The only drawback I have found with this kit (and it's nit-picky I agree) is the large pour blocks which are attached to each major piece. The obvious ones in the scan are on the top piece of the gun compartment, but there were four large cylinders attached to the lower hull and a thick pad on the bottom of the chassis frame (right). You may note the damage I did to the underside of the frame when I was removing the pour block. My recommendation, get a good razor saw and a mask before beginning. I have no doubt, howvere, that this kit is going to look great when it's finished.

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