Sd.Kfz. 234/1

Manufacturer: MarS (Kit No. 7244)

This is one of the most amazing resin kits I have ever laid eyes upon. Full fighting compartment interior detail; turret interior detail; open view ports; plastic mesh for the turret's anti-grenade screen; and plenty of stowage items. The only thing missing are figures. MarS continues to impress me with each new release, and I feel that they are setting the standard for resin kits that other companies have to meet. Sure, there are a couple of areas that could have given us more options, such as open side hull hatches, an open and detailed engine compartment, and . . . well, that's about all I can come up with. This kit is superb. I apologize for leaving the small parts in their bags, but there are so many of them, I didn't want to go through the trouble of having to pack them all up again. Refer to the Puma preview for some closer scans of the small parts, which are the same as for this kit. This is a typical MarS kit in regards to having fairly decent instructions, but no decals. Also, test fitting the upper hull to the main body indicates that some careful gluing will be needed to avoid any gaps. There is some overhang on the hull sides, but I think that this will be hidden when the fenders are attached. By the way, the turret is meant to have an open floor; what you see in the scan is some resin flash that needs to be removed.

This kit is highly recommended, though due to its complexity and many very small parts, it may not be suited to beginning model builders.

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