Lancia 3ro/564 militare
Kit No. 7270 Review by Doug Chaltry
Introducing, the 2004 Kit of the Year:

MarS is one of those companies that improves their model-making skills with every new kit. The thing is, about four or five kits ago, I thought they had already reached perfection, and yet each new release gets better and better.

Let me state up front that I have no references for this truck, so my evaluation is based solely upon the kit as it comes in the box. If someone else has information on the scale accuracy of the kit, please let me know, and I'll add it to this review. Based on the past performance of this company, I would be surprised if it's not precisely accurate in every way.

I had originally scanned the kit parts while they were still in their small baggies, because I was concerned that I may lose some of the incredibly tiny pieces if I took them out of their bags for scanning. But after viewing the resulting scans, I thought that they didn't do justice to the kit, so here you go:

I truly had no idea that resin parts could be cast this small. Take a look at that engine and transmission. Wow! The engine compartment can be completely disassembled, or the hood can simply be posed open. There are plenty of options for showing off this masterpiece. The cabin doors are even molded open (finally!). There is no question in my mind that MarS is now the leader in resin casting kits in 1/72nd scale. Even Al.By's best efforts can't compare to MarS' new releases.

MarS truly has set the standard for resin casting.

I want to very much thank Rafal Niedzielski for providing this review kit.

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Article Last Updated: 2 January 2004