Manufacturer: Komintern. Distributed by MGD (Kit No. 7210 and 7211)

This is one of the best truck kits I have ever purchased. The level of detail is extremely high. You cannot see on the scan below, but on the opposite sides of the flatbed walls, the hinges and latches are molded in superb relief with excellent rivet detail. The tires even have the manufacturers notations molded onto their sides, along with excellent tread detail. The undercarraige is fully detailed, as is the cab, and the kit even includes a rudimentary engine, although it will require extensive additional detail added to it for super-detailers.

The two kits are identical except for the boxes and instructions. The spare axle and wheels should be discarded for the Gaz-AA version. The moldings are extremely crisp. with no flash or sinkmarks of any kind. Plenty of options are available as far as open doors, hood (bonnet) and flatbed.

The instructions are very clear, but no decals are included, although I don't know what markings, if any, these trucks may have worn. No clear parts are included for the windscreen or side windows, but PART has just released an etched brass set for this kit, and I would guess that the clear parts are included there. This is an excellent kit, and I hope that Komintern keeps them coming.

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