Renault UE (f) 3.7cm Gun Carriers set 1

Kit # LWP028 Preview by Rob Haelterman

With sets LWP027 and LWP028, Lonewulf gives us an extra reason to buy more S-Model Chenillette UEs. The French version was previewed by Will Alcott, while the Beute-version, with Pak 36, was previewed by myself.


Set LWP028 gives us the possibility to build two different field conversions of the Chenillette using the Pak 36. (S-Model kit 720142 represents a factory conversion.)

Apart from the necessary parts for the conversions, two exhausts with better detail than the kit part are also given.

Casting is first rate, with no flaws found.

Note that the best start for this conversion is S-Model kit 720142, as you will need the Pak 36. If you get the Pak from elsewhere (for instance from one of the S-Model Kettenkrad kits), kit 720140 will do.


As the instructions only go so far in telling you where to put everything, the following pictures taken from the Lonewulf website, might be useful.


Many different field conversions existed. The ones that can be built from this set are probably this and this one. In the case of the latter it seems that the left toolbox was replaced by another type (or possibly a piece of wood).

Many other designs can be found using your favorite search engine or dedicated fora.

Picture from "Matériels Terrestres 39/45". More pictures to be found over there or here.






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Article Last Updated:
31 December 2015
23 November 2019