Fountain 1

Kit # LWM003

Preview by Rob Haelterman

This three-part set depicts an ornate fountain, typically seen in village squares. Casting is flawless; the only air bubbles that were found are in the pour blocks that need to be sanded down anyway.

As a matter of personal taste, I would have liked to have a completely symmetrical fountain, i.e. one with the "head" depicted on all four sides of the central column. This head would, in my opinion, also benefit from a short piece of tubing to represent the orifice where the water comes out.

The most difficult trick will be to add water in a convincing way.

Picture above taken from Lonewulf website; this is the same as the one that comes with the kit, but somewhat larger and with higher resolution.


Review sample purchased by the author.




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Article Last Updated: 31 December 2015