Flakzwilling E-100 8,8cm

Kit #: AC7213 Preview by Dave Lodge - janddrtw(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This conversion of the DML E-100 super heavy tank (kit DR7256) substitutes the kit's Krupp turret (fielding a 150 mm gun) with an alternative turret sporting twin 8.8 cm Flak 43 anti-aircraft guns creating the mobile anti-aircraft version of the E-100 sometimes referred to as the “Alligator”. Since this version of the E-100 was only a concept this kit belongs firmly in the ‘paper panzers’ division of any German amour modellers collection. It’s worth noting that there may also have been plans to mount the same turret on the PzKpfw. Maus so a conversion of the DML or Pegasus Hobbies Maus kits is also an option.

The Kora offering comes in a small sturdy cardboard box with a simple hand drawn instruction sheet. The kit appears to present a relatively straightforward assembly process and consists of the turret, turret base, mantlet, internal mantlet housing, cradle extension, commander’s cupola, cupola hatch, two rangefinder sighting heads, two rangefinder protective covers and on a separate sprue two gun barrels.


The resin moulding is generally acceptable but not outstanding, with small amounts of flash on the parts and no signs of casting air bubble holes. There are however significant moulding plugs on most parts except for the main turret and mantlet all of which will need to be removed with some care. A simple fit check of the parts revealed the probable need for some sanding and filler during assembly as unlike most plastic kits the various parts are not precision made.

Having no references or plans with which to confirm the scale size I can only say the turret looks right and a quick fit check with the DML upper hull confirms the turret ring diameter as well as turret width and length are a good match, though the turret base is absent of any retaining lugs that would permit it to rotate and remain in place on the hull.

Whilst the two barrels are a reasonable attempt at moulding in resin they do not contain any metal rod stiffeners and in my copy were not particularly straight. My concern is that over time these may either warp or, with heavy handling snap, so one might want to consider a couple of replacement turned aluminium barrels as a necessary addition for this kit.

The turret is a hollow resin moulding and is therefore quite light. Grab handles moulded on the commanders cupola, loaders hatch and rear access hatches are much simplified and one might consider replacing with suitably sized fuse wire. The turret sides are relatively bare of detail such as additional track link stowage, or the armoured side skirt crane attachment points, though the later could be taken directly from the Dragon E-100 kit (parts B13).

On the turret roof only the commanders’ cupola hatch comes as a separate part with the loaders hatch being cast with the turret. Not represented in this Kora version are access panels on either side of the turret roof or the large turret lifting lugs which are present on the 5M-hobby version of this vehicle. It’s up to the modeller to decide if these would have been present and if so add them.

In summary, the kit is a reasonably moulded and detailed example of a conceptual vehicle. An out-of-the-box build will provide an interesting alternative to the standard E-100 or Maus configurations, though additional effort to improve on existing features or add additional detail would not go amiss.

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Article Last Updated: 28 October 2012