Sd Kfz 222
Review by Harry Lieth Kit # 72411

I was surprised by the relatively small number of parts in this kit, but it looks like it will build into a very nice model. Generally, the detail of the mouldings is sharp and well-defined, and the design of the parts looks well thought out.

This kit consists of two plastic sprues in tan coloured plastic and a small fret of etched brass for the 2cm turret mesh.

The first sprue contains the main body and suspension of the vehicle. It looks like this sprue is common with the ICM kits of other variants of this vehicle: Sd.Kfz. 223, 260 and 261. The main section of the vehicle suspension is moulded as a single piece which should make assembly simple and relatively straightforward. Although simple, the suspension has a good amount of detail.

The second sprue contains the 2cm gun and turret of the Sd.Kfz. 222 variant of this vehicle. Detail on all these parts is good, with the exception of the MG-34. While it is a tiny part, it lacks any hint of the characteristic barrel perforations of the real weapon. It may not prove to be a serious issue as the weapon will be mostly hidden by the mesh cover on the turret, however it might be worth looking for a replacement.

There are a number of very small parts on both sprues that will need fairly delicate handling to avoid breakage. I noted some light flash on a couple of parts, but generally this is minor and will be easily removed. All ejector pin marks were in unobtrusive areas like under fenders etc. There is a sink mark on the hull insert piece just forward of the turret. Unfortunately that will place it in a fairly obvious position on the finished kit, but it should be easy enough to fill.

Pioneer tools are moulded a separate parts, but are limited to a standard German vehicle jack and a shovel.

The inclusion of the brass fret with this kit is a nice feature. The mesh turret cover characteristic of the 2cm turret is difficult to mould in plastic. Revell produced this piece in plastic with their Sd.Kfz.250/9 kit and the result is a bit thick and bulky. Brass is a much better solution.

I don't have reference sources to judge the kit for scale accuracy.

A comprehensive decal sheet is included. The decals appear to be printed in register and include markings for several vehicles in various theatres of operation.

This is my very first ICM kit, and I am very impressed. The sharpness of the kit mouldings and the design of the parts should result in a nice finished product, provided enough care is taken removing some of the more fragile parts from the sprue.

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