Hanomag RL20 Tractor

HP Models (Kit # 5)

This is the first model I have seen from this relatively new company, and I am quite impressed. It is completely of resin, with a lot of detail and well cast parts. It is a very simple model, with few parts, but from the looks of it, it will build into a very nice replica of this tractor. I am not familiar with WW II-era tractors, but I know that the German Army and Air Force used all sorts of vehicles to tow their heavy equipment. I will research this vehicle more when it comes time to build it. If this kit is typical of the quality of HP's kits, then I would not hesitate to buy any of their products.

It comes with good instructions, but no decals or markings.

Tracks & Troops

Thank you very much, Tracks & Troops, for providing the review kit.

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