WW II German Equipment
Review by Doug Chaltry - 9 August 2004 Kit # 7206

Continuing with their line of accessory sets, Goffy provides with this set a variety of equipment for the WW II German foot soldier. Some of this stuff can be obtained elsewhere, but some of it is quite unique. The weapons are very detailed for such small items. Two styles of ammo pouches are provided for the MP-40s, as are map cases, helmets and officers' caps. Three styles of duffle bags are given, but the really neat items here, which I've not seen before, are the food containers. Many of the autobiographical accounts I have read about the German infantryman's experiences on the Eastern Front always make mention of the troubles in getting hot food to the front line troops, so it is really neat to see these hot food containers made available to us for dioramas. There are two types: closed, and open with separate lids.

This is another really cool set from Goffy.

Thank you very much to Goffy Model for the providing the review item.

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