8.8cm Ammunition for Nashorn, Tiger, Elefant, Jagdpanther
 Kit # 7212 Review by Doug Chaltry

This is another of Goffy's sets of resin ammunition for dioramas. The photo above is from Goffy Model, and shows what this accessory set will look like when painted. Below are scans of the unpainted parts.

Included in the set are 10 full shells, plus 10 empty shell casings. Ten boxes with open lids are provided, each box capable of holding one shell. The woodgrain detail on the boxes is very nice.

Somewhat more of a problem is the fact that the four vehicles mentioned in the name of the set didn't all use the same gun, and these guns didn't use the same type of ammunition. The shell casings in this set were measured (with a tolerance of about 0.2mm) and scale out to 648mm, which makes them closer to the KwK36 rounds (570mm) than to the KwK43 rounds (822mm). The shells also seem to have a little variation in length. I am not sure if this is an attempt to provide different types of shells, or if it was a problem with the molding.

Overall, this is a very nice set, but I think that better detail on the shells is possible with the turned metal alternatives on the market. But then again, those are much more expensive as well. With a decent paint job, these will look fantastic.

Thank you very much to Goffy Model for the providing the review item.

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