T-80U (SMT-1989)

Kit #: YH-185 Preview by Victor Hugo Peña - stugvic(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This is one that has some good and some bad points.

Some details of reactive armor in the hull looks very simplified and the vision ports are very poor. The inner detail of the wheels is poor as well and not always round. The shape of the rear portion of the turret looks odd to me but without "hard data" I can't verify this.

The instruction sheet doesn't tell the exact location of some items so the modeller will need some extra info on the subject. The decals are too shiny and thin but usable.

On the bright side, the engine deck is nicely done, and the fenders as well. The AA MG is very fragile but well made. The vinyl track lacks inner detail but the exterior is pretty well done. The vinyl attacked the plastic on the the bottom hull on my example. The typical Russian log is there and well made too. There is even a dozer blade, sadly not as separate part, but it is well molded at least. There's some flash and sink marks but not much and it's easily corrected.

In my humble amateur opinion this is a kit with lot of potential which can be built into an amazing replica of this somewhat overlooked tank.

Review sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 13 March 2013