Leopard 2A3

Galaxy Kit # 135

by Marko Mäkinen

This is quite a crude and even toylike represantation of the major modern German MBT, the most prominent failures being in the areas of wheels (overly simplistic, wrong amount of return rollers), tracks (wrong type, soft rubber) and MG weaponry (horribly overlarge). The molding is overall rather soft and flat, but in some respects, such as the non-slip plates on the hull, it actually catches more details than the Revell counterpart. The main shapes and dimensions seem more or less truthful, too. The instructions are very basic, yet sufficient, and the decals are more or less worthless. Despite its many flaws the kit is not hopeless, altogether, and it could be used as a wargaming model or as a heavily masked diorama model. It could also serve as a one-night amusement project due to its apparently easy build. It should be noted, that this model can not be specified as an A3 version, but as an A4, as which it is somewhat inaccurate, as well.

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