Concrete Airstrip Base

Kit # 72021 Preview by Rob Haelterman

Clearly meant for aircraft modelers, this simple, one-piece base plate could have its uses for AFV modelers.

The plate represents a section of an airfield, covered with concrete slabs, bordered with grass (for which a separate section of ground cover matting is provided).

Casting quality is good, but sufficient of warping was present to pose a problem. Part of the warping was solved after heating and straightening, but some remained at the edges. As a concrete slab is supposed to be more or less perfectly flat, sanding down these edges straightened the slab, but ruined the rough texture of the concrete. I ended up re-texturing all but two of the slabs by applying a very liberal amount of automotive primer which was generously sprinkled with baking powder when still wet. After drying, this was sanded down slightly, resulting in a texture that I was pleased with, although it meant I might made done the whole base plate from scratch without much extra effort.
Some extra Woodland Scenic ground cover was added to the grass section in the corner to blend it in.

(A wooden border was also added.)



Sample kit kindly purchased by author

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Article Last Updated:
17 June 2019