Kit #: 72-007
Preview by Marc Mercier

Sculpted by Roy Schurgers, this set represents one side of a building that it typical for Belgium, but can also be used in Northern France (like Dunkerque). The example on the box art is also painted by Roy, giving testimony to his many talents.

The set contains 3 pieces, cast in grey resin plus a decal poster (a nice touch, something not often found in a house set!). It comes in a sturdy hardboard box, with additional protection for the resin pieces inside, that will guarantee nothing is broken during shipping.

The main part of course is the house itself; it has detail on three sides, meant to be used on the edge of a small diorama or vignette. The side surface, measuring 6 cm at the bottom and 11 cm high, then provides a backdrop for your scene. Additionally, it is cut at a slight angle to avoid an artificial composition, a nice touch by the sculptor.

This is a superb piece of art with several nice details, like the window, the different kind of bricks or the chimney. The square tiles represented on this building can still be seen on older houses in Belgium and adds a nice local flavour.

The other parts are an outdoor toilet and a concrete garden wall. These are also very nicely detailed, with a lovely wooden or concrete texture.


Time period wise, this house was used during the entire twentieth century, while this toilet was considered obsolete in the Golden Sixties, being replaced by a modern version indoors. However, some can still be seen, forgotten somewhere on a farm.

The casting technique used is top of the bill: detail everywhere is very crisp, no warping is present and air bubbles are completely absent. Apart from removing a single casting block on the garden wall, there will be no clean-up whatsoever.

The decal gives you a nice representation of an advertisement for a well-known brand of Belgian water. This particular image was seen all around the country in the Thirties and could be used for a WWII setting.

The application of this decal could be a bit tricky, because firstly, it will have to be cut in two to fit around the drain-pipe and secondly, a few millimetres in the centre of that poster will have to be removed to get the impression that it is hidden behind that same drain-pipe.


This is a very useful set that screams out for some subtle painting and weathering to bring it to live.

Highly recommended

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Article Last Updated: 31 December 2013