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The Fourth release from Cromwell in quick succession, this time the Merkava 3 Dor Dalet, as with the Merkava 2 Dor Dalet this version of the Merkava 3 is designed to protect the same parts, i.e turret ring and drivers station. With the Merkava 3 turret being designed for modular armour from the outset the break down differs to the Merkava 2 set.

The hull is again moulded in one single casting, as with the previous releases there are two casting blocks to remove from the bottom of the tracks. The anti slip texture to the hull and turret is very nicely represented, as with the Merkava 4 the tow hooks need to be glued onto the hull, although there is belly armour for the Merkava 3 it is not normally fitted as it reduces the ground clearance and so ids not shown in the kit. There is some flashing to be removed from between the road wheels, which seem to be the steel wheels and not the rubber tyre type.The tracks are the same type as found on the previous releases.

The turret again is a single piece with the Smoke dischargers in place, the turret also has the correct round loaders hatch and not the pre production type as seen on the Revell kit. As with the other kits most of the parts are for the turret with the ball and chain, the MAGS and the .50 cal. All hatches are open for you to add crew figures if you want.


A 3/4 view picture shows the kit has captured the look of the real vehicle

The parts

Another excellent release from Cromwell Models, with the promise of more IDF equipment to come the future looks bright for IDF armour fans. My only problem is do I carry on with my conversions or do I wait and see ??

Recommended for all modelers although there are no instructions or decals, there is plenty of reference on the internet about this vehicle, more so than most of the others with some very good walk around's of the real vehicle.

My Thanks again to Gordon Brown for supplying the review sample.


Modern Israeli Tanks and Infantry Carriers 1985-2004 by Marsh Gelbart Osprey publishing New Vanguard 93

Various photos from the internet

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